Wellness Outside the Box is thrilled to be a part of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association’s annual conference set to take place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on June 15, 2024. Drs. Kinderman and Yanek will present an insightful, 3 CE workshop on the prevention of burnout among mental health professionals.

This workshop is carefully curated to address the unique challenges faced by psychologists in their demanding roles. Attendees can anticipate an engaging session that combines evidence-based strategies, practical tools, and interactive activities to empower psychologists with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and prevent burnout utilizing the principles of the Dual Therapist Model.

By participating in this workshop, psychologists will gain valuable insights into self-care practices, stress management techniques, and effective ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance while improving treatment outcomes.

Wellness Outside the Box is dedicated to fostering resilience and well-being within the psychological community, and this workshop represents a significant step towards creating a supportive environment for mental health professionals to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Check back soon for registration information.