For Dr. Kelly Yanek, it’s rollercoasters. For Dr. Michele Kinderman, high ropes courses and rock climbing. During a Thrivival 101 podcast, Kelly and Michele, who said they have nothing against bubble baths or massages, shared some nontraditional ways they like to let off steam or recharge their batteries.

“I don’t do this every day or every weekend, but at least three times a year I need to get on a really good wooden rollercoaster and scream my head off,” Kelly said during the podcast. “That’s my far-out-there self-care.”

Michele’s preferences for rock climbing and high ropes courses tick important boxes for her, she said.

“You have to be in the present moment. You have to focus on what you’re doing. You have to think about where your hands and feet are going to go,” she said. “It forces you to be present and in the moment, and it’s fun.”

Kelly and Michele discussed their nontraditional methods of self-care on the podcast “Walking the Walk — Wellness Outside the Box.”

They also explained their nontraditional Dual Therapist Model, a revolutionary approach to counseling in which two psychotherapists see an individual client, couple, or family together. This method allows them to model communication, friendship, humor, connectedness, and trust during each session. It also provides the therapists with a built-in support system where they can process their thoughts and feelings with each other at the end of the day.

“Having a partner to evaluate your work and process sessions with is just invaluable,” Michele said. “We get tired, but we definitely don’t feel burnt out. We wake up happy to go to work on Mondays.”