Drs. Michele Kinderman and Kelly Yanek of Wellness Outside the Box – Therapy Redefined will share ways to prevent burnout when they host the New Jersey Psychological Association’s 3rd Annual Wellness Event June 1, 2024.

The setting: 20-acre Pine Tree Farm in Princeton, New Jersey, where Michele and Kelly will demonstrate how the Dual Therapist Model and the great outdoors can play important roles in not just treating mental fatigue, but preventing it for psychotherapists.

The wellness day will include many opportunities for socializing as well as lunch and interactions with farm animals such as cows Nature and Nurture (named by Kelly and Michele) and a 34-year-old horse named Twerp. There’s a scenic pond, a mile-long trail and plenty of areas to take mindful walks or simply enjoy the outdoors through the five senses.

The event also will feature a three-hour continuing education program, “Dual Therapist Model: Preventing Burnout & Improving Client Experience.”

“We plan on including interactive activities where participants will be able to witness a live demonstration of the Dual Therapist Model in action before breaking into groups and practicing the skills themselves,” Michele says.

“We look forward to sharing the tremendous advantages of utilizing the DTM in practice as a way to make the process of psychotherapy more effective and enjoyable,” adds Kelly. “We want to show others how we’ve managed to prevent burnout altogether with this model.”

With the Dual Therapist Model, two psychotherapists see an individual client, couple or family together. They combine therapeutic approaches and target multiple perspectives simultaneously, modeling a healthy relationship and offering clients double the attention, double the love, double the support, and double the nurturing.

During a session, one therapist can take the lead if the other is triggered by a topic or if one therapist is simply better equipped to handle a particular situation. After a session, the doctors can process their affect and decompress before their next client arrives. The opportunity to fully share the day-to-day experiences of conducting psychotherapy and running a successful business with a valued colleague creates a built-in method for preventing burnout.

More information, including registration details, will be released closer to the date.

The New Jersey Psychological Association advocates for New Jersey psychologists and mental health issues important to the public. The NJPA is instrumental in maintaining standards of psychological practice in New Jersey, protecting patients’ rights, and supporting public policy.